Family guy - Peter falling down stairs

Family Guy

Made by Seth MacFarlane, family Guy is an adult series telecast on Fox TV. The series talks about a dysfunctional family in Rhode Island. Peter and Lois Griffin live along with their kids Chris, Meg, and Stewie along with another family member in the form of a dog called Brian. There is a lot of lampooning of the modern American culture in the series. Seth got inspiration from 2 animation series titled Larry & Steve and The Life of Larry to make this sitcom. He changed the characters of Larry and his dog Steve into Peter and Brian to come up with this series called Family Guy. MacFarlane actually made a 7 minute episode and submitted it to Fox that was given green signal by the company. Seth started the project and it continued for 3 seasons after which Fox decided to stop the series in 2003. But high DVD sales high ratings that the sitcom received on other channels convinced Fox to air the series again and so its 4th season began to be aired from 1 May 2005.

Family Guy has won 3 Primetime Emmys and 3 Annie Awards out of 12 and 11 nominations from these awards respectively. After The Flintstones in 1961, the Family Guy became only the 2nd animated series in 2009 to be nominated for Emmy award in the category of Outstanding Comedy series. There are however criticisms for its similarities to The Simpsons.

There have been many releases based upon the Griffin family such as Family Guy: Live in Vegas, pinball machine and a video game based upon the Griffin family, and a series of adult books based upon Family Guy story. MacFarlane announced that he was interested in making an adaptation for the big screen while there is a crossover episode called The Simpsons Guy scheduled for release in Fall next year. The Family Guy is collaboration between 20th Century Fox Television and Fuzzy Door Productions. 20th Television has syndicated the series.